Useful data

Earth gravitational parameter
Earth mass
Earth gravitational constant
Earth equatorial radius 6378.14 km
Earth polar radius 6356.785 km
Earth eccentricity 0.08182
Velocity of light 299792.458 km/s (NBS 1972 value)
Average radius of geostationary orbit 42164.57 km
Velocity of geostationary satellite 3.074689 km/s
Angular velocity of geostationary satellites
Geostationary satellite orbital period 86164.09 s (23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.09 seconds)
Boltzmann constant
Maximum range of geostationary satellite
(0 degree elevation)
41680 km
Minimum range of geostationary satellite
(90 degree elevation)
35786 km
Half-angle subtended at the satellite by Earth 8.69 degrees
Coverage limit on Earth
(0 degree elevation)
81.3 degrees
One nautical mile 1.852 km