Mobile Satellite Communication Systems

Principles and Trend


14 January 2003


Line or figure number
20 Figure 1.9(c) Introduce caption : A typical hand held terminal (Dietrich 1997)
30 Figure 1.11 Reference: Courtsey: Gilat Satellite Network
40 Figure 2.3(b); Semi-major axis formula a = (ra + rb)/2
274 Figure 6.8, Key

IF = Intermediate frequency; LDF should read as LPF; FFT = Fast Fourier Transform; IJJT should read as IFFT;

316 Figures 7.11 (b) and (c) The figures have been interchanged.
358 Figure 8.11 Acronym within 'Business management' box should read as (BM); lower output of the box should read as NM.
389 Figure 8.25 Delete the clause, 'dashed line = extraploation' appearing at the end of caption.
494 Figure 10.12 caption Read (itj) as (i + j)
530 Start of first new para Read ICP/IP as TCP/IP